I Know a Good Idea When I See One

When I saw Karen Walrond's 1,000 Faces project, I knew I wanted to start my own.

I love taking pictures of interesting faces.


And click twice for a closer look.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Jack Riepe said...

This is one of the best shots you have ever taken... Dick is a remarkable individual with a fathomless depth of character. This photo taps into that character and uses color and composition to hint at the soul of the man.

The Writer You Are Conversing With Through The Door To The Kitchen

Peter said...

Is this handsome man reading from a tele-prompter?
He peers deep into the universe...

Leslie, your pictures of these beautiful people are stunning!


Leslie said...

Thanks, Peter. This was one of the last shots I took on the second day, and it was taken in Dick's garage. He was freezing. But, you never know where the light's going to show up!